If you are looking for a business to buy or if you have a business to sell, call Buchanan Realty Group at (731) 300-3071.

Buchanan Realty Group specializes in the transfer of Tennessee based businesses for sale. We quarterback the confidential process from valuation to selection of the right buyer, to price negotiation through closing on best terms with minimal tax implications.

The process is started by evaluating your business to determine its fair market value and ensure that it is priced appropriately. Nothing facilitates a fast transaction like a market-based price.

Once valuation is established, we complete a comprehensive marketing memorandum that provides detailed information about the business, including financial history, organization structure, product/service offerings, markets served, and opportunities for growth. Most business brokers use a one-size-fits-all template, but we custom-write this memorandum for the business to include all the information a financially qualified buyer would need. It is our experience that a seller will maximize their valuation and get the best terms when they work with the best-informed buyers.

After the comprehensive marketing memorandum is written, we customize a plan to promote the business to financially qualified buyers. This may include targeted marketing, direct mail, consumer and/or trade advertising, online listing service, and of course contact with our own database of individuals and companies interested in business acquisition.

The BRG team understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality throughout this process. Business information is shared with potential buyers in stages, as their level of interest heightens. We do not disclose the identity of your business or confidential information without a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

As a part of our services we can utilize our network of banking relationships to assist the buyer in arranging financing, if needed. This includes traditional financing or SBA –guaranteed loans.

We coordinate with the seller’s accountant and attorney to assure that the closing is accomplished at minimal cost, consistent with the seller’s tax and legal objectives.

You are more than just a Broker for us, you have been a great resource. Thanks for all of your help.

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